The company has its beginnings back in 1997, when we first started to equip self-service stores in Slovenia. Since then we have been constantly upgrading and perfecting out activities. With each new project we gained new knowledge. The always present focus of our team on finding ideals in sales and warehousing has always been and shall remain our main guidance, as this has secured us the leading position in our branch in the wider region.

Our business activity today expands throughout the countries of the nearer Balkan area. Just as for Slovenia, also for this area our field of expertise is development of sales concepts, adapted to regional specifics, and the implementation of the foreseen and, of course, agreed sales interior.

Our development and strategies are guiding us to cross the regional borders of former Yugoslavia and to perfect the programmes in the whole spectrum of all interior segments, with simultaneous constant project-conceptual development.

We are always ready to share our knowledge and experiences with you for your better sales success!

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