Servis in vzdževanje

We provide maintenance within and outside the warranty conditions, as well as servicing of our equipment. For all equipment we guarantee repairs using original spare parts.  

Our maintenance personnel aim at repairing any malfunctions in the shortest possible time and returning it to unlimited use to the customer.

Regular and professional maintenance helps keep the perfect appearance of your store and the functionality of your investment.

Service inspection of the vehicle fleet of shopping carts

Within preventive inspections, if so desired by our clients, we perform a detailed checking of shopping cart functions. For safety reasons all components are checked, and in the case of damages the damaged parts are replaced by original ones.

Professional cleaning of shopping carts and service rooms for shopping carts

Cleanliness of shopping, transportation carts and service rooms for the carts is maintained by gentle cleaning using steam and cleaning agents with a certificate of environmental friendliness and decomposability. Waste water thus presents no health hazards and can be drained into the sewage system. The same principle is used also for cart canopies - park boxes, depots and initial stations for the carts.

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