Transportable or movable system Mobipal

By using these systems, the storage capacities increase to the maximum, without changing the existing dimensions of the storage rooms.

  • It includes guide and transportation rails, base structures with drive engines and control equipment
  • The control equipment includes the main control box with switches, electrical connections, all the necessary electronic and mechanical protection
  • Control program is Simantik Mikro/DOS (Windows) by the manufacturer Siemens
  • Useful for all types of warehousing (palettes, shelves, cantilevers)
  • The system adapts to each user individually in the sense of dimensions as well as in the sense of load-carrying capacities
  • With regard to the storage capacities the total investment costs with such systems are lower
  • By using this system the user benefits from lower operating costs for warehousing, such as heating, cooling, illumination, shorter transportation routes, etc.
  • The system Mobipal can be installed in new as well as existing storage capacities

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