Store equipment

It is difficult to imagine a world without shopping cart - shopping cart has become such a strong part of our everyday lives. Just like cash register is the last thing the buyer comes across in a store, shopping cart is the first thing the buyer needs and it remains with them throughout the shopping.

The only constant in a store is changes. It is for this reason that experts in the company Smeh, in cooperation with experts from the company Wanzl, are constantly looking for new things and improving the existing solutions. For us movements never cease. Globalisation and the coming new trends are turning our attention towards the source: quality and responsibility. They demand from us to solve complex questions of the relationship between space and functional presentation of equipment, definition of your clear and recognisable identity and other processes in the trade business.

Cash registers of the company Pan-Oston are designed and made with extreme care, in accordance with the latest principles from the area of ergonomics and by considering the wishes and needs of our clients. Whether you recognise our products or not, you may find them in almost every retail store.

The company Trade Fixtures is able to fulfil your every need related to the marketing of bulk goods. You can choose from a comprehensive offer of durable and unbreakable bulk goods with the NSF certificate, which has also been verifiably tested in practice.

The programme offer of Oechsle products includes promotional frames with a wide variety of accessories, promotional racks and price racks made of plastic, aluminium or wood. At the same time it also includes partition walls for shelves, systems for filling shelves and assembly systems for the whole trade equipment and decoration.

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