Cash register is the very last thing the customer comes across in a store. The feeling that takes over the customer in a store depends to a large extent on the environment around the cash register. Products by the company Pan-Oston are designed and made with extreme care, in accordance with the latest principles from the area of ergonomics and by taking into account wishes and needs of our clients.  Whether you recognise our products or not, you may find them in almost every retail store.

The company Pan-Oston BV offers the most innovative solutions for retail stores in the Netherlands, in Great Britain, Ireland and elsewhere. As a Dutch company with Finnish history they can boast of almost 40 years of experiences in this area of business activity. Their expert knowledge from the area of ergonomics, materials, technologies, stores, as well as skills of their employees represent the core of their product range.

Their products are designed, made and maintained in accordance with "your store, our passion" principle.

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