Wanzl Ladenbau

The only constant in a store is changes. It is for this reason that experts in the company Smeh, in cooperation with experts from the company Wanzl, are constantly looking for new things and improving the existing solutions. For us movements never cease. Globalisation and the coming new trends are turning our attention towards the source: quality and responsibility. They demand from us to solve complex questions of the relationship between space and functional presentation of equipment, definition of your clear and recognisable identity and other processes in the trade business. The high quality products by Wanzi make this goal possible.

Wire Tech

The classical, but still modern Wire Tech system has been with you at the market for decades. To the classical flat and semi-circular lines we have now added new elliptic shapes, at a first glance even more appealing and noticeable. Our focus remains on the following key departments: wine shop, fruits and vegetables, bread and cosmetics - all creating your identity by being noticeable.

High Rack

The High Rack system is a modular and multi-purpose system. To the flat lines we have now added curved shapes, attractively completing the existing elements. It is especially appropriate for promotional events.

Expo Line

The Expo Line system in the rack form enables easier visualisation of your products. It is also very appropriate and applicable as holder of lighting fixtures, especially when it shines at your fairs and in your stores. 

Alu Tech

The Alu Tech system allows modern presentation of goods, and its trademark is aluminium frame that gives it even more attractive character.

Duo Tech and Scindo Tech

The Duo Tech and Scindo Tech systems were for the first time presented in 2008 at the fair in Düsseldorf. The Duo Tech system combines the classical wire and aluminium with one goal: to find a permanent solution that allows freedom of design. The Scindo Tech system, on the other hand, allows clear and direct presentation of products, as it remains discretely in the background. There are two more systems currently being developed: Rima Tech and Fino Tech that will add a new dimension to the design of textile stores.

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