Wanzl SB

As reported by the manufacturer, in Germany every person pushes a shopping cart on average 3 times a week. Considering the average life expectancy, this comes up to 2,500 hours in every person's life. This is why the manufacturer is constantly developing, updating and adapting equipment, thus making sure that buyers can enjoy an undisturbed shopping experience and the sales personnel a successful sale.

The SB programme consists of shopping carts, guides and passage controls for buyers and action wire equipment. The wide selection of products within these programmes will make sure that the needs of even the most demanding buyer will be satisfied.

Shopping carts

It is difficult to imagine a world without shopping cart - shopping cart has become such a strong part of our everyday. Just like cash register is the last thing the buyer comes across in a store, shopping cart is the first thing the buyer needs and it remains with them throughout the shopping.

Guides And Passage Controls for Buyers

See some pictures of guides and passage controls for buyers.

Wire Equipment

See some pictures of action wire equipment.

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